Travel Guide Series

Brochure Design, 2019


Graphic Design



When you only have less than two days to visit a city but wish to make the most out of your time, what could come in handy?

This is a series of travel brochures designed to accommodate a 36-hour itinerary, with city highlights and activities indicated on simplified maps using iconography, as well as travel and contact information related to each activity.

In this series, I delve into the travel experience in three cities I hold dear: Guilin, my hometown in China, Seattle, WA, and Madison, WI.

Brochure for city of Guilin (front)

Brochure for city of Guilin (back)

Brochure for city of Seattle (front)

Brochure for city of Seattle (front)

Brochure for city of Madison (front)

Brochure for city of Madison (front)

Sketch to Production

The ideation process consists of three main components: illustrations, mappings, and itinerary information.

The challenge lies in the making of a coherent system that encourages cross referencing and elicits visual excitement. I played with iconography, explored the user experience of brochure folds, and curated a series of straight forward yet visually stimulating travel guide.

Brochures folded, presenting bold and lively illustrations to capture viewers' attention

Brochures unfolded, revealing the itinerary represented in icons plotted onto simplified maps


As you may have noticed, I embedded a number of icons that each represents the respective activities in the itinerary. These icons are designed for legibility in small sizes, and to take them to the next level, I developed a dingbat font for greater accessibility.

Icon font specimen

A playful expression using the font

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