Typographic Posters

Poster Series, 2020


Graphic Design



These are two typography oriented poster series.

The first series is designed to promote and inform about the services of a hypothetical non-profit mental health organization called OpenArms.

The second series are experimental typographic posters meant to promote and inform Chicago Lyric Opera's fall 2019 shows.

Using cool colors to represent depression, the circles bring light and hope to a clutter of mental health issues, hinting at OpenArm's mission as a non-profit organization.

Using the same colors, each poster plays with the macro and micro perspective in visual communication, using contrast in sizing, negative space, and proximity.

Sketch to Production: OpenArms

I brainstormed what it meant to shine a light in the darkness of depression and came up with compositions to present the fragmented mentality as well as a safe space for acceptance, growth, and hope. Eventually, I narrowed down to one concept and expanded it into a series of three iterations.

I cut up letterforms to represent the chaotic state of mind and the variety of stressors in our lives that weigh on us every day.

From the cut-up letterform idea, I expanded it to further iterations to find the most effective one for a three-part poster series.

Sketch to Production: Lyric Chicago

After narrowing down to one concept, passion, to focus on, I came up with a number of ideas to present the structure and required information. Eventually, I selected three ideas that were the most appropriate for passion,

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