Work at NBCUniversal

On-Air Media Design, 2021

Graphic Design




I interned for NBCUniversal Media during the summer of 2021 as an Artworks designer. I was put in a fast-paced but highly rewarding environment, in which I worked with the internal design house, NBC Artworks, servicing MSNBC, NBC News, NBC News Now on digital, and NBC News streaming on Peacock.

I engaged in concept designs, pitching, production, and delivery to on-air playback devices. My art director, Sarah Schultz and Ventura Castro, as well as senior designers Philip DeSimone and Claudia Garcia, were instrumental in my learning experience at NBCUniversal.

Concept Art (Print)

My very first project as an NBCUniversal Artworks designer was to come up with concept art for indoor backdrop at the London office. I was instructed to come up with something which was more politically neutral, with street art (Banksy inspired) qualities, and which represented a more lighthearted portrait of different European landmarks and architecture.

From sketches to finalized deliverables, I provided multiple iterations including a neutral background of the European landmarks, as well as a version that was more appropriate and relevant to Pride Month.


A major task I was assigned to do as an Artworks designer was to come up with storyboards and concept art for opening title sequences that would later be animated for NBC News' weekend on-air special news reports. I familiarized myself with the shows' aesthetics and learned how to tell stories with images.

Priced Out was one of my most successful storyboards, which told a story of people moving into the suburbs and facing rising prices as well as shortage of building materials as the pandemic ranged on.

To commemorate the tragedy of 9/11, I was tasked to come up to storyboard a title sequence for a special that discussed the aftermath as well as hope in the country amongst challenges.

MSNBC & Peacock Streaming

I shadowed the MSNBC daily graphics team as well as the design team for Peacock Streaming. I produced fast-paced graphics that would go on-air the next day, update Newsroom background images, and even brainstormed on brand identities for new shows that were in the works.

I learned the anatomy and structure of on-air graphics and their terminology. These were the daily graphic elements that was on demand for news programs at MSNBC and NBC News.

I brainstormed the title design and art direction for MSNBC Reports' KNOW the FACTS section, how the designs would be applied to graphics for the entire section and how the typography could be styled.

I worked with Peacock Streaming's art director, Ventura Castro, on coming up with logotype options for a new show in the works (which was later canceled, unfortunately.)

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