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Publication Design, 2021–2022

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Fnewsmagazine is an award winning campus magazine for School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and as the new art director of Fnewsmagazine, I am in charge for the designs of the monthly issues.

This is a collection of the print issues produced through 2021–2022, which brought us awards for best designs and illustrations by the Pinnacle Contest of the College Media Association, and the ACP Pacemaker Awards .

As students are slowing moving back on campus, Fnews brought back the print based format. As a result, our team's work flow was re-directed to adapt to those changes to reach a wider audience.

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Art Direction Process

Our team of 6 designers gathered and presented references and inspirations for the issue, and we discussed and narrowed down to a list of few concepts we liked and thought worth a try.

Inspiration for December 2021 Issue

Cover sketches for May 2022 Issue

Cover sketches for April 2022 Issue, by Ketaki Kulkarni

Inspiration for March 2022 Issue

Press Production

Each month, the designers and editors gather at the F Newsmagazine office to power through press production. As the art director, I hosted multiple rounds of critiques and provided design suggestions to student designers to improve their layout designs and typesetting.

My Layout & Cover designs

Below are my own layout and cover designs from the issues, many of which have won me national and international awards.

Page design for an April 2021 issue article

Award-Winning Front Page design for an April 2021 issue article

Page design for an October 2021 issue article

Page design for an May 2021 issue article

Award-winning cover design for May 2021 issue

Award-winning cover design for May 2021 issue, folded

Page design for an December 2021 issue article

Page design for an March 2022 issue article

Multi-Award-Winning Cover design for October 2021 issue

Best Magazine News Page Spread, Honorable Mention, Pinnacle Awards, 2022

“Imbalancing Act,” Best Special Section Cover, Second Place, Pinnacle Awards, 2022

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F Newsmagazine has won numerous awards from accredited state-wide, national, and even international contests.
See my résumé for the awards my designs have collected.

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