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This is an identity design for the Banyan Lake from Guilin, China, which I passed by everyday on my way to school when I was a child. The memories of those old school days have since been a blur, but the lake has stayed in my memory like an old book waiting to be found and dusted.

The identity is meant to capture the essence of the lake—how it is surrounded by banyan trees that drip down their roots all the way to the ground—with a hint of mystery and dreaminess.

The identity system includes the lettermark, business card, and lettermark. It also includes two versions of pictoral portraits designed to further capture the nostalgic and memory like qualities of the Banyan lake, reflecting how it is now remembered.


Branding Design, 2019

Location and Research

To rebrand the late, I dug out the materials that contributed to the lake's identity, from the banyan trees where it got its name, to its biggest tourist attractions and services.

Map of Banyan Lake

Bridges and reflection

1000-year-old Banyan tree, with branches dripping down

Central pavilion and sightseeing cruises

Sketches and Iterations

After a wide range of sketches, I narrowed down the concepts to the banyan tree, reflection, bridges, abstract shapes and gradients.

Accidentally, I captured the halftone texture on a piece of napkin as I was drying up watercolor, which later inspired my rendering style in capturing the dreamlike sensation


The logomark incorporates the form of the dripping roots of the banyan tree, its reflection, and gradients of colors from the lake.

The colored version (top) and black and white version (bottom) in three sizes.

Text typeface

I picked Iowan Old Style to express the classic and poetic quality while retaining legibility even in small sizes for functional stationery adaptations.


Business card front

Business card back

Tour boat branding

Tour boat branding

Pictorial Portrait

Extending from the previous formal explorations, I constructed a pictorial portrait to advertise the dreamy quality of Banyan Lake.

Version with textural rendering

Version with smoother watercolor

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