Fnews December 2020

Web Issue Design, 2020

Art Direction

Graphic Design

Web Design



Fnewsmagazine is an award winning campus magazine for School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and as the new art director of Fnewsmagazine, I am in charge for the designs of the monthly issues.

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, Fnews as a traditionally print based magazine, our team needed some swift changes to reach a wider audience safely, so we moved our contents online.

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Our team of 6 designers gathered and presented references and inspirations for the issue, and we discussed and narrowed down to a list of few concepts we liked and thought worth a try.

Inspiration for color palette

Inspiration for typography

Inspiration for web structure


After meeting with all designers, I decided on a template of basic web article design structure, the color pallet, typefaces, recommended color pairings.

Template and recommended color pairings

Page Structure

Since this issue is about satire, we took inspiration from the Onion News webpage and decided on a one page scroll with direct links to each section.


Since each designer has a unique illustration style, narrowing down the color pallet helps the issue's design coherence and unity without compromising each designer's styles. Please visit https://fnewsmagazine.com/images/issues/2020-12-December.pdf/ to see our wide range of designer illustrations.

Illustrations for articles in the Literature section I was assigned

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